Good Environmental Practices:

We are committed to the efficient and rational use of natural resources not only in popular destinations but also the birthplace of our tourists. Please use only water and energy needed to develop their daily activities, recycle and not waste.
Define and promote educational campaigns for environmental conservation. You tourist friend is a key player in this task. If you have technical or everyday knowledge that contribute to this end and disseminate through our platform, only the collective effort will ensure the sustainability of the planet.
We have a strict policy of corporate relationship in which partners, customers, suppliers and other interested parties with whom we do business, design and / or perform tasks for sustainable development of the planet.
Neither we endorse nor manufacture or marketing of any kind of crafts made with coral, seashells or other life extracted from the seabed or terrestrial species in danger of extinction. tourist friend, refrain from purchasing these products during your visit.
We do not promote or endorse any traffic and illegal trade of flora or fauna.
tourist friend, during your stay please refrain from fishing activities or consumption of species in danger of extinction or closure. Also, refrain from removing any life on the seabed.