In the islands, with the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO, tourists are amazed with the colors of underwater life; ta main activities and diving with more than 40 sites with different conditions and degrees of difficulty, skitesurf, windsurfing and jetski and other underwater activities; swimming in natural pools that the waves have carved in the rocks and taste dishes prepared with the best of the Caribbean: lobster, snapper, crab, snail and more.
San Andrés is located 775 kilometers northwest of the coast of Colombia. The 26 km² making it the largest island of the archipelago. Providence, the island next in size, is located 80 km noreste.El island climate is warm, ranging between 26 ° C and 29 ° C in summer and winter where two seasons predominate. Winds help relieve a little heat, usually blowing from the east.
Native islanders consider native of the island, with a strong British cultural presence, based on its history, its cultural events and language, the Criollo San Andrés.

Bays: San Andrés, Haynes, Sound, Sprat and Southwest Cove.
Tips: North, South, Old and Evans.
Keys: Santander (Cotton Cay), Rocky (Rocky Cay), Aquarius (Rose Cay), Cordoba (Haynes Cay) and Sucre (Johnny Cay)